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Time for a new journal look!!! and friends only from now on [Feb. 20th, 2007|09:49 pm]
[My Mood |happyhappy]

I have changed my layout to a lovely Doctor Who one, made by the very talented 99-hearts.. lj hates me and won't let me put a link to her name, sorry! 

Thankyou very much! this layout is beautiful, just perfect.

Now I need to go on a "perfect Doctor Who" icons hunt and remember who to credit etc.. should be fun.

I also have to announce-- as I did in my last entry, but that was a flocked one, and this will probably be my last public one-- that I want to be friends only from now on. I've just had a few problems recently and it's made me realise that well, just anyone can look at my stuff and read my private stuf! so if you read this, feel free to add me as a friend or if you do'nt have an account, get one and add me! But yeah.. friends only from now on.

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(no subject) [Feb. 4th, 2007|06:04 pm]
[My Mood |creativecreative]
[My Music |This Nearly Was Mine- Anthony Warlow]

I love my new self made Anthony and Johanna icon. :D Only I wish I could actually make GOOD icons... oh well... such is life!!!

I love my myspace right now too. Check out how I've done it up.

It's pretty crap but oh well. I still like it!!
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yay [Jan. 31st, 2007|05:05 pm]

Go to gettyimages, editorial and enter "Sweeney Todd" in the search. Then revel in the two wonderful pages of the glorious Opera Australia production! yay!!!! :D:D

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Good times!!!! [Jan. 28th, 2007|08:12 pm]
[My Mood |happyhappy]
[My Music |a Little Priest]


gah. gah gah gahhhhh. It was so good. so good. I'm so glad Ula offered me the ticket. Peter Coleman Wright was a fantastic Sweeney. Antoinette Halloran was a good Joanna although I think she seemed a bit too "happy" to be Joanna sometimes! Alexander Lewis was a wonderful Anthony. Vocally he was good- nothing amazing, but good. He was very cute too. ;) which is of course a requirement for Anthony! Judi Connelli was a scream as Mrs Lovett. It was all so clever. The sets were amazing. It was alllllllll amazing! I want to see it again and again and again. Damn expensive tickets! I never really paid much attention to it before. I mean I liked it but I wasn't too familiar with it and I hadn't listened to it much. I"m making up for lost time right now. hahahahhaa. so funny. so clever! Anthony and Johanna.. so adorable. I just loved their interaction. It was adorable and they had real chemistry. 

The rest of my stay with Ula was great! Thankyou so much for the great time Ula!! Ula has the best mum. She's so kind and sweet and just really awesome. and she's a great cook. Darling Harbour yesterday was great. Us Fifth C girls were all together!!! and Deb too. We went to Maritime Museum shop, put on sailors hats and went nuts with the camera. Then we went back to Ula's and Anna came only unfortunately Renee had to get home to Newcastle. We showed them clips of Anchors Aweigh because Gene Kelly is so amazing to watch. Especialy when he dances with cartoon Jerry and wears tight white pants. hahahaha. And we watched French Kiss. and then, they went and Ula and I watched Labyrinth! I don't approve of the ending. David Bowie in tight pants and crazy but still attractive haircut or little brother and crazy monster like creatures (and a funny cute doggie person)? DAVID BOWIE ALL THE WAY. marry him and have lots of sex and babies. oh well, I guess she is kind of too young too so we can only dream! Maybe she goes back to him when she's older.

Well, it was all wonderful. Great weekend. I want to get Ula over. Cos it was great and I'd like her to come see my place. I hope you can come sometime soon Ula!! and of course I will get Renee sometime too, and Anna and Deb. yay!

p.s. David Bowie is so cool. I want the Labyrinth soundtrack.
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good times indeed [Jan. 22nd, 2007|01:01 pm]
[My Mood |excitedexcited]
[My Music |Some Beethoven symphony]

I'm having such a blast lately. So Thursday night, Gerard, the younger brother of my best friend Gemma, rings me up and asks me to come out and surprise Gemma the next day. Friday was her 18th birthday and she didnt' want a party. So I came out to surprise her. I went to the top of their driveway because they live on a big property, and Elise and Gerard picked me up. They had just picked up the food scraps for the pigs but some of the bins hadn't been filled. So we drive down in the ute. The original plan had been that I would sneak in the house, hide in the pantry and come out with the cake at dinner. Instead, Gerard thought up this- I would hide in the empty bin and jump out to surprise Gemma. They called Gemma out to come and help get the scrap bins off the truck and told her to check what was in what. She looks in one, I hear her voice say "that's just potatoes". Next one was mine, she lifted up the lid, I jumped up and shouted "Happy Birthday!!" and she screamed and screamed!! it was sooooo funny! She then hugged me very tightly while I climbed out, lol. it was sooo hilarious. She still reckons she nearly had a heart attack. I then stayed till yesterday (Sunday) and it was really great. We went swimming lots, watched "Anchors Aweigh" and generally had a very nice relaxing time. The last few days were boiling hot so the pool was a fantastic place to be! So tomorrow, I'm probably giong to see Dream Girls with my friend Samantha, though that's not definite as she might be going to Newcastle. Christine will probably come out tomorrow night to stay and go swimming with us on Wednesday, with Morgan as well. and Thursday... *drum roll*... I'm going to see Sweeney Todd with ula at the Opera House and staying till Sunday! I am SOOOOOOO excited!!! A. SWEEENNEEYYYY! and B. staying with Ula, should be alot of fun! I can't wait. I love having good times. It makes everything so great.

As soon as Gordon Macrae's first half of a cd is loaded I will be listening to him. Thanks Rita! Gordon forever! :D
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sigh sigh sigh [Jan. 17th, 2007|01:09 am]
[My Mood |tiredtired]
[My Music |Josh Groban- Anthem (off youtube)]


oh lord. Thankyou Renee. I went to heaven. Gosh, I can't wait to see Anthony do it live. He's just so amazing. I will get down to Melbourne and see Phantom if it kills me. At least I will have died in heaven. :P:P


*sigh* again.

I've fallen hopelessly prey to Josh Groban as well. I've been watching him and Anthony all night. Josh is... no words to describe it. He's just beautiful. His voice melts me. If I can't marry a man with a great singing voice I wont' get married at all. I need someone who can sing to me, and with me. Preferably who sounds like either Anthony, Josh or David. Or Teddy. :-)

I've been up watching Looking For Alibrandi tonight. I like it, but not as much as the book. It's such a fantastic book. I really recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it though I think it's pretty hard to get hold of in America. Movie isn't bad either, but still. I just love the way it deals with teen issues so well. Her thoughts on a whole lot of stuff that happens to her are like mine in similar cases. It's fascinating and I love it.

I've decided to start a book and movie list of what I read and watch, and write it in my diary and maybe on here. It's time I started doing things like that. anyway. I suppose I'll pop off to bed now. It's really late.....
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awwwwww [Jan. 15th, 2007|07:00 pm]
[My Mood |blahblah]
[My Music |You Are Loved- Josh Groban]

My late Christmas present from my Californian friend Lauren finally arrived. It was so lovely- you see, she always calls me "sweetpea", so her gift was a sweetpea body lotion. Isn't that the cutest?? Hehe. Now I need to think of a really lovely birthday gift for her!! It was funny though, it had been held up in quarantine cos at first they thought it might be a threat and then they let it go.

Mum bought Anchors Aweigh and Take Me Out To the Ball Game. Gene and Frank! Whooot! :D We're going to watch Anchors Aweight tonight, I watched the other one last night. I also watched the Break Up last night. I didn't like it. It was sad. Not satisfying. and not very funny.

I'm in love with the songs Renee sent me from Josh Groban's new album.. they're so beautiful... the one from Romeo and Juliet is the best.
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for anyone interested.... [Jan. 13th, 2007|09:53 pm]
[My Mood |calmcalm]


There is my orchestra playing Pirates of the Carribean. I posted it on a few message boards and that but I thought I'd put it in my journal too. I hope you guys enjoy it. I'm quite proud of it. That was recorded last September.

Also, I totally met the love of my life the other day. haha. Joking of course, but this guy WAS amazing I must say. So good looking and gentlemanly. We walked into the Penrith Plaza (local shopping centre) the other day and there we bump into our friend Father Rizzo and he's sitting with this good looking guy who looks about 18 or so. He introduces the boy to us as Matthew and immediately says "Matthew is joining the seminary next month" Ugh. I couldn't believe it. Good looking guys like him shouldn't become priests! Matthew should marry someone.. (i.e. ME!) and have lots of beautiful babies. I chatted to him for a few minutes and he was so nice. He works in Penrith Big W. So today mum and I are in there again today looking for a dvd we wanted and there's Matthew. He saw me and we kept going over to say hi to each other and he keeps being distracted by a customer. In the end we had to go because we were off to our friends house. Before I even got to say hi. Haha. Oh well! it's a bit useless if he's becoming a priest but gah, he is SOOOO gorgeous.

Well, that is my little "love-of-my-life" story. :P

I"m so tired. We went to our friends house but they only have little kids so I watched Foxtel nearly all day. Mother and Son is a very funny show.

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hahahahhahahaha [Jan. 9th, 2007|10:08 pm]
[My Music |So She Dances- Josh Groban]

Tony at work showed us a joke he received in an email today. I can't remember the exact wording but this is the gist of it.

A teacher asks her class of 8 year old students what their fathers do for jobs. She gets the usual answers-- lawyer, policeman, doctor, fireman. One boy stands up and says this- "my dad works in a gay bar as a dancer. He strips for all the gay men and sometimes he'll take one to a hotel room and if they pay him enough he'll sleep with them."

The teacher looks shocked and takes the little boy aside, asking him if it was true what his father did. He says "no, my father really plays for the England cricket team but I was too embarassed to say so."

For all non English or Australians, that joke is referring to Englands recent embarassing 5-0 series loss to Australia in the Ashes. And right now they're embarassing themselves even more in the 20-20 game. 

Speaking of the Ashes Victory.....

Yessssssssss. Victory is sweet.

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david file [Dec. 28th, 2006|11:47 pm]

thanks to the marvellous lj user southoffebruary, I have some songs of David. Singing O Holy Night, and two versions of his magnificent Holy City.


the Holy City


O Holy Night.


another version of The Holy City, lol. I hope you enjoy them. I think they're magnificent. how can't I with David, haha.

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